Advance SEO Training

Advance SEO TrainingIITIAN Infotech has been providing excellent and effective online marketing campaign ideas and concepts for its global clients since a very long time now. The combined experience of our expert digital marketing advisers and executives ensures that each client gets the best and most effective digital marketing campaign which enables them to see a significant resultant increase in sales and recognition as well. Our digital marketing experts assure that each and every major and relevant communication channel with the potential consumer-base, such as YouTube, and other promotional sites is used to the fullest in increasing the reach of our client to a wider audience which is at a global level.

IITIAN Infotech maintains the highest quality in projects as well as its each service to ensure that the client’s trust is maintained and the results are often better than even their imagination.

Topics Covered


Advertise locally and attract customers with the products that they're searching for. Get your pay-per-click ad on Google today with AdWords.

What is the purpose of online marketing
  • Branding
  • Purchase
  • Lead generation
  • Signups etc
Doing Research
  • About your Customers
  • About your Competitors
  • About your domain online presense
Keywords Generation
  • Branding Based
  • Competitors Based
  • Product Specific

  • Display Networks
  • Search Networks
  • Search Networks with Display Select

  • on the basis of keyword searches on search engine

  • showing text / image ads on other website related to your product & service.

  • Placement of your text / image ads on selected premium site purely related to your product & services.

  • Keyword reporting - To check the performance of Keywords
  • AdGroup reporting - To check performance of every adcopy & adgroup
  • AdGroup reporting - To check performance of every adcopy & adgroup

  • Introduction to Google AdSense
  • Google AdSense Interface
  • Google AdSense Insights
  • Google AdSense Efficiency
  • AdSenes for Search – Search box placement
  • Enable Text and ImageAds
  • Google AdSense – Allow and Block Ads
  • Ad Review Center
  • Performance Report Tabs
  • Introduction to Google AdSense
  • Advanced reporting
  • Understanding your CPM
  • Make Money on Blogger using Google AdSense
  • What Has AdSense Done for You?